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It astounds me everyday, that so many seniors have limited knowledge as to the options and assistance available to them to make empowered choices in regards to their aged care.
It also saddens me that as children and care providers of seniors, that there is a preconceived notion that there is very few options outside of a nursing home as to what services and assistance can be provided to ensure that our loved ones are given the best in care.
As a daughter, mother and nurse specialising in aged and palliative care, I was lucky enough to have the knowledge to be able to explain the options and processes to both my parents, as they progressed through their journey into aged care.
Sadly, these options and choices then became their decisions into “end of life care”.
My passion and commitment as the owner of Best in Care Australia has compelled me to help those struggling to navigate through the system. As a company specialising in home care we will explain and implement the best possible care options to ensure that the Golden years are just that…
Some of the frequently asked questions are;
How do we go about accessing aged care services?
What may happen to my pets if I cannot care for them anymore? How do I try and repay the love and sacrifice that my parent, partner or loved family member has shown me over the years of their unconditional love?
Can I choose to stay at home over being placed into a nursing home?
How can I retain my health and vitality, and age with dignity and respect as a senior member of community?
How much does it cost to have care in my home, or move into a nursing setting?
What is an ACAT and why do I need one?
Can I choose to stay at home to pass away with pride?
Ultimately, we all as human beings, would like to empower ourselves with transparent, unbiased, knowledge and facts, so that we can prepare ourselves, or our loved one with the informed choices of care.
Everyday I speak to someone, which could be your mother or father, your widowed husband or wife. More often than not I am asked similar questions, and sadly I find that many times the situation has arisen quite suddenly where a client requires immediate help, and has no idea what to do next.
One of the first things I learned as a nurse, was that you don’t need to be old to die… Preparing for what may become, is a fact of life. I see men in their 50’s have a stroke, and they have no Advanced Health Directive, sometimes they are even still caring for their parent or have children at home.
In 2017 one of the biggest changes to happen in the care industry will be implemented with a consumer directed care approach to in home care. To help navigate the changes, I will be featuring a different forum in every edition of this newspaper. Myself, together with an advisory board of Doctors, Nurses, Palliative Care Physicians, Social Workers, Pharmacists, and many others have teamed together to create a live forum on our website www.bestincareaustralia.com.au
We will feature a different article every month on a topic relating to what we hear are the most frequently asked questions in community everyday. From there, we will have a live “blog” set up on our website so that you can interact with us and become empowered and informed on “where to from here”.
Our first forum will be featured in the April edition of The Senior Citizens newspaper, and we will discuss the options of how to stay at home, over being placed into institutionalised care. Experts in the field will discuss available options, and you will be able to personally speak with one of our nurses, or specialised in home carers should you choose to do so.
We will happily put you in contact with the best organisation to discuss your specific needs, so that you can receive the appropriate facts and informed options. In the meantime if you would like to speak with any of our team, or me personally you can call our head office in Buderim on (07) 5456 1293.
Best In Care Australia has a range of options and choices to simplify your aged care needs.
Take care and I look forward to helping you in the future
Kerri Howell
Best in Care Australia


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